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J A Ridley
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Recent pages by J A Ridley

A look at this years Venus transit, the connection to solar cycle 24, some new science and a theory of 2012.
This articles describes a method to obtain 5,000 friends on Facebook and puts forth some reasons why you should have 5,000 friends. This is a good way to make it safer for you.
This page looks at some of the reasons you should be aware of your Electromagnetic Field and some steps you can take to ground yourself also how to clear electromagnetic noise (cell phones..,) that can get stuck in your field.
This article proposes that in a rational society the amount of work to be done would be equally shared by the available work force. Read this article to find out how long your work week should be.
This article looks at the sub-prime/adjustable rate loan con game and it's application to the cities, states and countries of the world. Coming to your world soon! What are Austerity Laws? They are the signal for action.
A brief review of the HBO Original Series, Deadwood starring Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant.
This article looks at the possibility that American leadership has some psychological issues and needs some serious help from us, the people.
This article explores the possibility that the bible belt is in tornado alley for a reason and, perhaps, Joplin, Missouri got raptured.
This article deals with the results of many studies that show the dangers of showering/bathing with unfiltered public water supplies.
This page will look at some of the recent studies showing the dangers of this industrial poison and convince you to not use fluoride toothpaste.
Recent Studies show FD&C Red 40 and similar food dyes cause hyperactivity (ADHD) and lower IQ levels in children.
A paper discussing the possibility that we came from the Oneness, are currently in the Twoness, and rapidly approaching the Threeness.
Why is our current public education system producing factory workers with limited cognitive abilities? Here is a plan to balance our budget and fix the education system in the western world.
Take this quiz to find out if you a slave or a free sovereign being. It's fun
How the end of the world changed my life by highlighting the asynchronous nature of the currently accepted calender system.
Some of us don't feel like Osama's death should be a celebration.
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