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barghav hariharan
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I'm a second year engineering student. studying at amrita school of engineering, coimbatore. i love sports and im basically interested in writing articles about reformations and change.!
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the article is a collection of varying emotions among the youth where some say porn s right and others say porn is wrong. this article is just my perpective of this global pandemic "rape". the article relates some evidences to some real life problems and finally condemns the lackadais...
This is a blog dedicated to working women of the Indian household. and also to the young women who feel insecure to step out on the streets of modern india, which we consider to be empowered with values and culture. is that really the true picture of modern India. or behind the scenes...
as the title suggests, this poem is about the rice bowl of india, which is in a pitiable state now. this poem does a compare and contrast between the then tanjore and the present tanjore. please have a read.
this is an article about the shattering of dreams of an indian teenager. how it is ecumenically accepted that indians worthy of the best.!
as the title suggests this article is about the agitation caused by bribe and this malice on the society..!!
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