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I am retired from school teaching, secretarial work, receptionist, etc. My six children are grown and long gone and scattered all over the globe. I enjoy writing, so here I am.
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Our first experience driving in an Italian city with its frustrations and new expectations in parking, finding a hotel and touring a bit.
Landing in a beautiful country, discovering how to get around and where to stay.
Anne Perry writes of 19th century London in an intriguingly mysterious way.
A trip to find my roots and discover the land of my grandparents.
The contrast in beliefs between the Muslim outlook and that of Christ is demonstrably different.
A true to life thriller depicting the escape of six Americans from Iran.
The meaning of politics as we think of it and what the actual definition is.
Janet Evanovich has a series of mysteries featuring Stephanie Plum as the heroine who is a bounty hunter. They are unusual in that they are most humorous as well as defining a decent mystery.
Reasons not to despair if the candidate of choice is eliminated.
While teens here in the USA try everything they can to get out of classes, there is a young girl in Pakistan who hungers for the education the Taliban is denying her. A young girl thirsting for knowledge and a school to learn from is shot in the head on the bus from school in Pakistan...
A poem describing the beginnings of awareness. When a very shy person tries to begin a new life, it is almost like the beginning of spring. When one dares to reach out, there are surprises in order.
A poem about spring in the rain. The words conjure the feeling and atmosphere of the coming season. I've tried to get the sound of the season as well.
Study and meditation on scripture from Luke 12: 1-12. Meditation on God’s love freeing us from fear. Jesus tells us to be afraid of what can kill our souls, not what can kill our bodies and tells us God is there with his love to protect us.
All choices we make affect our lives in one way or another. Some decisions are life changing, others are day to day trivialities.
K. was convicted of murder. Is he guilty? Only God knows for sure, but I don't think he is. This is a poem of what I do and the story of K.
Meditation and study of the Golden Rule and the authoritative teaching of Jesus. Matthew 7: 2-29
An example of my prison routine using the story of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10: 25-37
Poetry, sharing experiences and ideas from visiting prisoners in Lehigh County Prison in Allentown, PA.
Poetry, sharing experiences and ideas from visiting prisoners in Lehigh County Prison in Allentown, PA.
Coal mines are being shut down with no alternative available for fuel except to import. This is a detriment to society.
A deranged man entered into a small Amish school some years back and shot the female children. The response of the Amish community was portrayed in the TV movie, Amish Grace.
Many of the ways we act are brought about by what we have learned from our parents and those with influence in our lives. Eventually as we become aware of our problems, we can change.
Social media through the cell phone and the internet were most effective in bringing people together to topple the government of Hosni Mubarek. Now it is poised to advance the cause of extreme fundamentalism.
In the midst of overt Mid-Eastern turmoil, comes a threat of war from Israel
In today's world the accusation Jesus hurled at the Pharisees as being hypocrites applies today to many who call themselves Christian.
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