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i m a fun loving guy.
i lyk to read and write poems
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elephants are very gentle & social animals & i am impressed by them a lot. they show us that life is not about power but about living good.
mosquitoes are very dangerous, especially in summers when they attack with a weapon called dengue fever.
Leonardo da vinci was one of the best men ever born on this earth. he had many skills and i am a big fan of him.
we all know that we can't guess anything about weather. it's unpredictable and that's what i m showing here.
this is a poem telling about rain. what it means for everyone on this earth and even in the sky.
dinosaurs were the biggest creatures to step on this earth. we all know about their life but not death & that is what i have written here.this poem is a short description of what they really were.
which Indian can ever forget this deadly summer which showed that earth cant be tamed. i want to send a message through this poem that one can't play with nature.
i miss my childhood a lot & that's why i am writing this song to send a message to all the kids that they should enjoy childhood much as they can.
through this poem i want to tell you about a day in the beach. what all happens there & what kind of atmosphere is present there.
last year i went to my village. there people do a lot of irrigation activities. so i, with my brother made two scarecrows. and that's when this idea struck to me of writing this poem.
This is a poem which i wrote when i saw a very deadly dream.
titanic was a very luxurious ship but unfortunately on its very first voyage it sank. this poem by me tells the pain of those people who were associated with it.
i like to play chess alot. its a beautiful and exciting game which is good for brain excercise according to me.i wrote this poem during the winters, the time when i was mad about playing it
in india when we call of development, we mostly talk of the large companies,industrialists and that kind of stuff.rarely we talk about farmers,the people providing us food. i find this job outstanding and with this poem i m saluting them all!!
this incident occured when a naughty mouse entered the house. this happened during ganesha chaturthi
i am very influenced by this great general. i have read alot of pages about him and thought of paying a tribute to him.
recently, i found a deck of cards in my house and tried to do some magic tricks using it. while observing all the cards, i found that this thing deserves a poem.
who can forget this great man and especially if one is an indian. the prime reason we are free is our bapu.
this poem tells you about the feelings of a tree. how he grows up?, his emotions and his death - the betrayal by humans.
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