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Jack Goblin
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Was born. Haven't died yet. Don't intend to anytime soon.

Thank you much for reading my articles. I hope they brought you pleasure and enlightenment. :)
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During the summer my cats finally managed to do something they've wanted to since they came to live with me: Get out of the house and act like WILD ANIMALS! At least until they got hungry...
Further humorous stories about my two cats, C. and P.!
Late in 1962 a record album was released that sold more than most albums had in history. And made America laugh.
Published in 1933, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE is one of the first great science fiction epics. This is a brief look back at what made it so then, and still does today.
Christmas is a time of cheer and joy. With cats, it might also be a time of bashing your head against the wall.
The further adventures of my two cats, who have made a career out of doing irritating and confounding things.
A look at C.S. Forester's famed fictional character Horatio Hornblower: How he came about, and why he was and is so popular.
In which I recount how I took yet another cat to the dentist, and didn't wind up losing skin, my sanity, OR my shirt! Mostly.
Gardening requires the gardener to fulfill a multitude of roles. Sometimes that includes getting wildlife out of ridiculous situations they've gotten themselves into.
The story of me taking my cat to the vet for a tooth cleaning. It's not EXACTLY harrowing and bone chilling; but it involves a cat, so it's close.
An examination of three popular on-line point and click games that tell a horror story.
When cats come into your life, lots of things go out. Loneliness. Sanity. Peace and quiet. Unclawed furniture...
Life with some cats can be an adventure. Life with MY cats is a three ring circus with the animals in charge.
The computer virus told me I had to pay $300 to avoid arrest and 'unfreeze' my computer; I said "No way" and set about trying to defeat it.
Historical fiction usually focuses on brave, honorable, decent heroes; the Flashman series is a semi-comic chronicle about a coward, reprobate, thug, and bully who fooled the world into thinking he was a hero, too...
House cleaning becomes more difficult than you might expect when cats decide to 'help'. In their own special way.
'Bugging out' means to flee danger. And when you need to bug out, you need a means to do so, and a place to go.
The Bug Out Bag is a vital piece of equipment to a survivalist. But some survivalists fill their BOB with odd things.
My cat came back from the veterinarian recently. He is on pain meds. He is also in la-la land...
A Bug Out Bag is the last line of defense in the survivalist's preparations. How to make a practical one, and what to put in it.
Pets are supposed to improve our lives. But sometimes it seems they're trying to end it, instead.
Miss Lavinia Pickerell is the heroine of a popular series of children's science fiction books. Here is a look at two of them, and the differences between books in a series written by different authors.
THUNDER Agents was a popular independent comic book in the 1960's. A retrospective of what it was about, and why.
There are several pitfalls on the road to legalizing marijuana. This is a hypothetical one I don't think anyone has thought of, yet.
A look back at a time when the most powerful superhero on Earth spent years fighting... a worm.
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