Shivani Shah

Shivani Shah
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I am Shivani Shah - online marketer , blogger and investment consultant and I mostly write on health, motivation, success and money making articles
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This poem is to encourage a person who is depressed with negative vibrations and who has given up in life because of sudden worst situation happened to him
We have been using Papaya as our morning breakfast fruit intake or in the evening but we are not aware about how Papaya is useful as far as our skin is concerned. In this page I have tried to touch upon those hidden secret of Papaya
This article mainly explain what is possible if we practice visualization method then it can do wonders in our life and give amazing benefits
This page describes what are the ingredients of flex seeds and how each are useful for best and healthy life
This Page is focusing on ideas of skin care with the help of turmeric that is readily available at all homes
In this article you will read all requirements for planning a trip to singapore and where you get Jain food while your stay at Singapore
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