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Tom from Maine
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leaving you now.
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Why do these summaries have to be so long? This is longer than the poem. Why do I have to add a "section"? What is a section? can I close it? Now what do I do with my poem?
How to drive in India versus Maine OR How I invented a video game while sitting in the front seat of a taxi driving from the Oberoi Hotel to our local outsourcing facilities in "suburban" Bangalore. They have since renamed the city "BENGALURU. I hope this summary is long enough beca...
Maine's first winter storm of 2014 destroys huge spruce tree
Imagine life on an island or in a small town. Shopping locally is important to everyone. Buying things online is tempting and very easy. However, what does that do to a small community? Think about it as you read this poem. Thanks
This poem came to me all at once on an ACELA train rushing home for the holidays from New York to Boston. It is the tale of a desperate consultant nearing the end of the year, if not his career.
Winters in Maine call for desperate measures. Especialy where heating ones old, drafty house is concerned. Yet, there ARE people out there who are warm...But, are they happy?
My father was an alcoholic and a bastard. He taught me a lot about what not to be when I became a father.
Kyle Bruner was the victim of a senseless crime in the Bahamas. The Bahamian people were shocked and ashamed and are all great people. The murderers were found and brought to justce within 48 hours. This is a true story.
One trip to India changed my view of outsourcing IT by importing Indian IT experts to the USA.
Small boats get left in barns for the winter and have to wait for summer and the children to find them again!
Maine neighbors helping neighbors after an ice storm brought the whole town to life during the Christmas season, 2013.
This is about my father in law during his last year on earth. I loved him dearly and valued every single minute of the 40 years I knew him. He is at peace with the Lord but we still miss him.
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