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I am a university student, who loves writing. I focus on Motivational writing,short stories, life coaching.
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A fictional verse telling the ordeals of girl caught between the emotion she felt for a different man whom she wasn't betrothed to. The little and quick instances of attraction and supposed love.
the future of the morality of Homosexualism and the effect of this on young ones growing up.
Tips to looking classy and effortlessly beautiful.
believing on what you are focused on, no matter what people are saying.
A piece hoping to console and tell you that I longed to be with you when you were going through that sad phase of life.
After planning for an interesting day, I got off to the library only to meet a mean man at the door, whom for the first time was able to beat my "innocent face charm." The feeling of going back home no matter the distance because"I didn't know...."
having someone in my company has always been a nice take for me but being committed and putting my feeling out there and then caring about another persons feeling always took too much of me. so i decided to quit commitment in any kind of relationship and i became more focused and i ha...
why do people Cheat on their spouse? Is it possible the fault lies not just with the cheating partner but with both partners? how to bring back the excitement in your relationship that makes you and your partner act like school kids again and how it will enhance your productive capaci...
"I wish my husband could be a better lover", "I hate how she gets when she is angry, I cant stand her." These are the words and thought of many folks.we all want people around us to be better, we want them to change their bad habits but sometimes it never works;then wee keep going b...
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