William Ross

William Ross
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Retired on SSDI, trying to finish a memoir of my service time in the Marines.
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This is a story of how confusing it is trying to figure out my sexuality, the struggles I've went through all my life even now as i'm approaching past my middle age.
A short artical on evolution and creation. dinosours mentioned in the bible, the beginning of time mentioned in the bible.
This is a short artical on the day the DEC made me close my finishing shop over the complaint of one person who lived behind my shop.
A short artical on 12 of the most saught after lost treasure s of the world, do they reallt exist, and if so why not found yet.
This is an artical that shows how taking time to be nude is not only healthy for your body, but for your mind as well.
This is a short artical on weather or not shaving your public hair is safe. Is there a danger in your health or sex life by shaving off your public hair.
This is a story of when I turned 11 and my parents forgot my birthday. A true story, that still effects me to this day
Are the antibacterial soaps any better than just regular soaps, “The FDA said research has suggested long-term exposure to antibacterial chemicals, such as triclosan in liquid soaps and triclocarban in bar soaps, could have hormonal affects and allow bacteria to mutate into harder-t...
I am asking what time is to you, and giving my point of view on time and what it is,what little of it we really have, the possibility of time travel.
This is an artical about makeing money on line with your writing talents, Doesn't mater what you write about except adult material. earn while you write.
This is a story of my sexuality, and how i beleive it came to be. Bisexuality is the nature of the beast, the true sexuality.
This is a short story of how i feel or how i am, I don't know, maybe i do need to seek help.
This is a short artical about my two very special daughters and the afflctions they were born with, and how they have conquered these affictions.
The final chapter of Lost Hopes And Shattered Dreams my release from the Marine Corps. After I had to pay a year back to the Marines for the time i spent in prison.
My appeal went through, and my release from Cadiz prison. back to the base I went.
My saga continues in cadiz prison. getting beat rpped, having to put up with cell mates you hate.
Chapter 12 continues my time in cadiz Prison while awaiting my appeal.It shows a lot of starange stuff i had to go through there.
Chapter 11 continues my time in cadiz Prison. While serving my 5 year sentence and waiting my appeal.
Sentenced to 5 years in Cadiz prison, my prison term starts and my appeal in the works.
My release from the Brig for the second time Plus my Trial in Spanish Court ansd Sentance.
I was placed back into the brig because the other two guys Brian and Tom got caught trying to exscape Spain through Portugal
My flight back to Spain after taking leave to see my father
My Dad was dieing. Through the red crosses help, I had the opertunity to go home and see my dad before he died. My commander let me go on my own without Spains knowledge that I left the country, Or the base commandes Knowledge. Just on my word that I would return to Spain for trial.
This is a poem I wrote on Christmas day after my kids opened all their gifts.
A short Halloween poem. I hope you all enoy this little piece.
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