Karman's Kreations

Karman's Kreations
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I am a widow, writer, artist, photographer, inspirationalist, sarcastically sweet beauty who hopes to find something she is successful at.
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This is a poem of emotional frustration felt by those who provide care on a daily basis for a loved one. Feelings on paper often make them understood...but not always
There are so many places that once were filled with love, now left to fall into dismay
Gratitude is a blessed thing that often we forget to express. When we express that which we are happy about and thankful for we, if only for a second, lose sight of that which has the potential to ruin a great day. We need this pointed and focus month to reaffirm and focus our Grati...
Taking five random words from things we see around us we can build a story line, this gives us practice and we all know Practice Makes Perfect.
Each of us must at some point in our lives move past the stage we are in by looking at our past lives; this admission essay is my start to a graduate degree.
A wedding is a beautiful memory you want preserved. . . .hire a photographer. . . and let them do their job.
Death is the only guarantee in life, all else is left to our choices.
If you have lived your life in a way that you have contracted a disease you have a personal responsibility to inform those you live with and supposedly love that they are potentially in danger.
We all have great things happen to us, we all have bad things happen to us. Life is the act getting through them, celebrating the lessons learned, and sharing those lessons with others.
Sometimes we just need a tiny spark to get our thinking started. My friend calls them "Match Stick Ideas"
We make a decision to fight an UN-winnable fight; never considering those we affect by our decision.
Were it that I could do it all by myself I would be a God!
Donuts are a favorite breakfast food; but I love homemade breakfast.
So many times in our lives we say words that are meant to convey happiness or love; only to back it up with a buttttttt
Whenever you look out a window beauty is what you seek and if you do not you should change your point of view.
Another Chicken Idea because chicken can be so boring but yet such a quick fix.
Sometimes you just have to take what you have available and try to do your best with it. That is how I learned to cook.
Chicken is an inexpensive (for the most part) meal to fix, but it always tastes like chicken.
It is movie night, you have popcorn, sodas, and the perfect movie....but what's for dinner?
Love the flavor, hate the texture ~ this is the carrot cake for you.
To all beauty there is a beholder, there is beauty in all if we only take the time to open our hearts and see it.
The only thing you can do with a colicky baby is to just keep trying until they finally sleep...at least to the best of this grand mothers knowledge.
When life becomes overwhelming, write. When happiness seems elusive, write. When nothing seems right, write. And your heart will smile once again
Sometimes ya just need a cookie, a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie...
There is nothing more annoying than someone who believes they are privileged enough to keep the rest of us waiting...
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