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I frequently refer to myself as a student of Love because everything I do is for the purpose of exploring and working to become the greatest expression of Love I am capable of becoming.
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While listening to a Wayne Dyer tape I responded to a challenge which entailed taking a walk in a dark woods in the early hours of a day. This short piece talks about that stroll in the woods, and the joy I experienced as a result.
Oneness can be a concept which is impossible for the human mind to grasp. Thich Nhat Hanh seems to be one Spiritual Master who gets it, however. In this writing, I share a poem of his about Oneness and I continue my own writing which carries his thoughts a little further. Finally, I c...
In this article I examine a man who was released from prison after serving 24 years when a judge ruled his trial unconstitutional. Showing uncommon wisdom, this individual has chosen to forgive everyone in the system, thereby setting himself truly free.
In the quiet, I get in touch with who and what I am, which is not this flesh and blood. These thoughts reflect my experience.
We all have motivations for sharing our thoughts online. In this short essay I share my reasons for baring my soul and discussing my discoveries as I move through life as a spiritual sojourner.
In the United States we typically enter our most festive holiday season with the arrival of Thanksgiving. For most this is a time of gathering with family and friends to share food and to visit. For many, however, the holidays conjure up all types of hurtful memories. I usually send o...
Did God really create us to fulfill some purpose or do we have free will to do and be who we choose to become? My contention is that our family, peers, teachers, and relationships do more to create the person we become than some idea of God does.
The idea of living a life of peace is, at best, a remote possibility if we do not look below the surface of the reality we witness so that we may get in touch with the Truth of life.
The Star Wars movies were excellent because they were so full of metaphors for living full lives. One such example, which I share here, was what I consider to be a metaphor for memory. I look at how dangerous memory can be when it limits our ideas about our possible future, and finall...
We never know when our souls will decide it is time to leave this earthly experience. So, it is imperative that we live each day as though there is no tomorrow.
As far back as 170 to 180 CE writers have been discussing the fact that what we focus our thoughts on manifest in our lives. In this piece I share thoughts from 1921 in which the writer Henry Thomas Hamblin discusses the power of negative thought and I compare these ideas to a more mo...
I think the most important work we can do to create more peaceful lives for ourselves and to help humanity, in general, is to become the greatest expression of Love we are capable of becoming. To that end I offer three steps to move in that direction.
We live life like robots when we live governed by our autonomic programming. One of the ways we can change this and reap the benefits found through living each day as though it were new and exciting is to look through the eyes of a child. This short essay offers seven ways in which we...
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