Michelle Stanley

Michelle Stanley
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I enjoy reading, and writing poetry and prose, as well as articles. Creating fiction stories is what I like to do, but will write on almost any topic that interest me.
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What are you doing to achieve your goals? Do you work to accomplish them, or give up when they seem out of your reach?
I'm just recollecting my thoughts on the journey I took to make my dream of having a blog become a reality.
Notice! I am closing shop for the rest of the year, and will re-open 2014. Signed: Owner of this post
Parental support is always needed at schools, and it is nice to know that parents are recognized for their dedication.
We must do our best to protect the animals and birds in our countries, or they will become extinct.
I know one person who met her spouse online and is happy in her marriage. But how successful are most who try to form new relationships using this method?. Sometimes dates that friends make on your behalf can turn out badly too. Other times it works.
I wrote this poem at a hospital while waiting with a sick friend. It really was a gloomy place to be that day.
A few homes are passed down in families, sheltering generations throughout the years. Sometimes we become bored staying at home, but when we're gone away for a while, we are anxious to return. There is no place like home.
A woman tries another escape plan to get away from her abusive husband.
Dogs are friendly and lovable, and each breed has its own unique traits or qualities, which makes them even more special.
Speed Kills! Some drivers think that accidents only happen to other people, and never them. This is often the belief of teens who don't realize that accidents can happen anytime, any place and to anyone.
It is hard to believe that something that taste so good can also be harmful to our health.
There are many topics and guides on Wikinut that can assist persons who are looking for helpful tips. It is far easier too, having it in one location.
Kids always find reasons for staying up late at nights. They think they can fool their parents, but we've been there, done that, yet sometimes let them have their way.
Sometimes it is best to leave when danger looms, instead of facing it. Homes can be replaced when destroyed, but the loss of lives destroys families, and can never be replaced.
Life on Friendly Farm is not always friendly, as some animals can be selfish.
"Be careful what you say, or it may come back to haunt you. Speak the truth, or speak it never."
Have you ever had one of those days when you see the words galloping around, but are unable to round them up to make a story.?
Every bride wants to have a picture perfect wedding. One way to ensure that it can be a success, is to have the right transportation to take you on your journey, to the beginning of a lifetime of happiness!
A man reflects on his life life as he has gotten older. Some people feel that they should act old as they age; others live life to the fullest, enjoying it while it lasts.
Sometimes it's hard to tell the mortals from the undead when Halloween comes around.
Insects and rodents are pests we can do without, but let us take a humorous look into their lives and see how they feel about humans too.
Is there anyone brave enough to chase away the ghost that haunts a house?
a vacation of fun and festivities almost ruined by professional drunks.
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