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Joyce Singha
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Writer, Thinker, Homeopath.
Background in Literature, Films and Homeopathy. Interests in Politics & Human Idiosyncrasies. Humor is essential. Personal Blog at:
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Chinese are very upset with Obama chewing gum and Putin offering shawls to the first lady; these two actions must not occur in China.
Remembering Warriors on Veterans Day is to remember a Soldier's work. This Veterans' Day, don't forget to say thank you to a Veteran.
Sharia Law is not needed in America nor in any other free world.
Democrats lost big time in Mid Term Elections 2014. Voters wanted to stop Obama from pursuing his Liberal agenda and they succeeded. Obama had been shoving the nation on an unmanageable course.
Mid terms elections 2014 were a resounding rebuke of Obama, his policies and agenda.
An overwhelming majority of people have expressed that Obama needs to change direction from current policies and the direction of the country!
Edge of Darkness with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is a disaster in every way.
Marine T was stuck in Mexico's jails for more than 6 months and Obama administration didn't do anything for this warrior who did two tours of Afghanistan!
Why is Voter ID such a big deal? It should be kept intact to keep voting process fair just like any other process that requires identification to make sure you are you!
Pictorial journey to Clarksdale in Mississippi. Clarksdale is one of those sleep little towns that come alive with Blues Music. It's got history and plenty of Blues Artists who come here from all over the world.
Obama completely messed up understanding viruses and terrorism. For both, his reaction has been incomplete and late. As a result, no amount of Czars can stop wither of the two afflictions.
Hitler's madness was in part driven by his multiple addictions to hard drugs like cocaine and meth.
Unmasking the dilemma of Facebook business and its latest discovery of dwindling audience: Teenagers. Where have Teenagers moved to?
Peeking into hard lives of Politicians, Presidents, their Wives, Entourage etc. Political Satire.
Obama gave a pretty speech and basically said Islamic State was not Islamic and neither was it a State; that pretty much summed up Obama Strategy for Islamic Terrorism!
You can eat a sandwich or you can look at it. On Wikinut, it's the placement of articles, sometimes, that create unintended sandwiches!
Obama sucks at his job and people are beginning to notice it. Mid-term elections will most likely see Democrats lose the Senate; they lost the House in 2010 mid-term elections!
Current Obama administration is clearly inept and confused about terrorism and nature of Islamic ideology.
Second gruesome beheading and Obama and State Department are reluctant to call it a war; amazing presidency!
Obama and his administration are clueless about Islamic Terrorism and its threat. Their failure to act has resulted in thousands getting massacred. There is a rise of Domestic Terrorism as well, mostly a result of politically correct policies gone wild.
Political Humor: Any time there is an incident which is not pleasing to either the Left or Right, a conspiracy is born. Perhaps conspiracies have wings because they seem to fly around fairly quickly.
ISIS, one of the most brutal terrorist organizations in recent times, can be stopped only if their Sugar Daddy, Saudi Arabia stops funding terrorist activities, not only in Iraq but around the world. Chechnya, Indonesia, Africa, MiddleEast and many others receive millions and millions...
Criticizing is NOT racism. However in America and around, dissenting opinion has become synonymous with bigotry, racism, and other such stuff
ISIS threat has moved closer to America; they beheaded an American journalist supposedly in retaliation for American bombing, as if ISIS needed any excuse to do that; they've been killing, raping, beheading all non-Sunnis, non-Muslims across Syria, Iraq and still going.
Race relations and injustice in America as opposed to discrimination on a large scale around the world. Not everybody sees Blacks in the same understanding light as white-guilt ridden-Liberal America does. This article is open for discussions in a civil manner.
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