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This article provides a brief outline of Piaget’s stage theory of child development.
The role of women changed gradually during the hundreds of years of the era of ancient Rome, from being under the complete control of their male relatives, to gradually won freedoms and liberties.
Aloe vera, a medicinal succulent plant, is very easy to grow at home and it is a plant that can prove more useful than decorative. Here are some facts and some tips.
A short account of the ancient origins of one our favorite hot drinks.
William James was a functionalist and was an important thinker in the early development of the discipline of psychology.
David Hume was an empiricist philosopher who believed that knowledge was obtained from experience. This article explores some of the basic foundations for his theory of knowledge.
Thomas Hobbes was an English thinker who lived a long life between 1588 and 1679. He had notoriously authoritarian views, partly a response to the turbulent political times he lived through. His project, to devise a political philosophy that would ensure a stable and safe state, is di...
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