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I am a happy person with a loving spouse and an amazing kid. I love music (informal and folk) and participate in debates. I also manage a site http://lokkatha.com
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This is a article on differences between social science research and laboratory based research. We have highlighted the motive behind undertaking any research and explained what it takes to be a researcher.
Hub Pages is a nice platform for making money through writing activities. The present page is a review of hub pages on the basis of experience of the writer.
The present page is a substantially abridged version of an article on research methodology written by me earlier at http://lokkatha.com . The page highlights a tool called coordination schema that may be useful for undertaking academic research activities.
The present page is on the findings of the Times Higher Education Survey 2010-11 in the context of Indian Universities in a comparative time scale.
The page is about preparing food for house rabbits. Commercial rabbit pellet food is not only expensive, it can never be a complete food substitute. What we have presented here is not a substitute to green grass, but is useful when green fodders become scarce. Also, the food presented...
The present page discusses how to achieve accuracy in sports shooting guns through simple processes. In the present case, the zeroing in activity was done on a spring piston rifle. But the process can be followed in other types of sports guns as well.
This refreshing activity is lot of fun and gives a sense of achievement. When I decided to go for an air-soft gun almost a year ago, I was apprehensive about many things. First of all I was worried about whether it can really be a hobby for me. But it turned to be a better one.
Since time immemorial, our communities have been using many home remedies and alternative medicines to deal with this problem. In the following sections, I have discussed some of these popular home remedies.
Pimples or acne is a very uncomfortable skin condition and it has several causes. In medical literature, there are several types of acne or pimples broadly classified into twelve categories. For anyone trying to cure acne should be aware of these causes so that the treatment may be ef...
The present page discusses the problem of acne and pimples and highlights some facts and myths about pimples and acne.
The present page lists some important tools for pinging updates in order to help in Search engine optimisation SEO activities.
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