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Just want to thank you folks for taking the time to read my articles!

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Sequel to the Hot Prospect, this tells the tale of a wily old veteran boxer proving that there is no substitute for experience,desire and determination.
A tale about a boxing match between a veteran at the tail end of his career and a young prospect. This part focuses on the prospect with the theme of pride coming before the fall.
Sometimes in life, your moral compass has to take a backseat to pragmatism.
The need to maintain a fast lifestyle reveals the lengths a person would go.
My experience with being poor and handling money. This is my attempt of explaining why less fortunate people don't take care of their money and how the situation could be remedied.
A tale highlighting just how much power a barber wields. Respect them, they can make or ruin your day.
Respect for one another while in a relationship is a very important thing - a concept a friend had to learn the hard way.
How my love for football turned into a video game addiction.
A time when camping with friends turned into something out of a horror movie.
Facing problems I initially ran from to become a better person.
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we face so many issues that even the smallest molehill looks like Mount Everest. It's important we take a step back and see them for what they are.
My firsthand account as to why I believe clubs are portals to the spiritual world. You will see some strange shit out there folks so be warned.
A look at the metamorphosis a person undergoes while drinking
A short story about how despite things changing, people still stay the same.
The night I got introduced to Trevor a.k.a Cocaine Tony.
A normal evening on the job takes a chaotic turn as a brawl turns to a street war.
A story about how a robbery I witnessed changed prompted me to stop looking and start helping
A precursor to my job as a guard at an illegal casino.
A personal tale about self-doubt and getting over it. If a blithering idiot such as myself can take the plunge, then so can you.
Elijah was one of those people in the Bible who'd leave you both in awe at how dedicated he was to serving the Lord and shocked at just how crazy his adventures got.
King David was the greatest of Israel’s kings. The kingdom prospered in his time like it did in no other. But David still committed a sin in God’s eyes and despite how virtuous you may be, God will not hesitate to show us through the heroes of the faith that sin comes at great cos...
The story of a guy who pimped his girlfriend to save his own ass…literally.
Beauty and shrewdness are a dangerous combination. This is a story of how I experienced that first hand.
A true story of how my curiosity almost got me trampled to death. Word of advice, when they say don't disturb the animals at a zoo or a nature reserve; please follow the instructions.
Back on my motivational vibe. This time, It's just a couple of words of encouragement to those who are starting over in life or those who feel the need to.
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