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Marlene A. Mania
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Currently - I am also a contributor for Associated Content, Triond, Allvoices, Helium, Factoidz, and Qondio... alongside others.
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A perspective, about how our usage of some maxims, can be simply, positive words for encouragement; yet, they may seem conveniently minimizing.
A double-backed perspective, about an expression that we may use to validate someone's point with empathy and understanding.
When we deliver a story second-hand, we may distort the actual story, with our opinions or perspective. You may have (also) had a teacher, who demonstrated the cause and effect of story-telling/gossiping; and he or she, may have let you be a part of the clever experiment.
Thoughts about the ironic comparison of not wasting food or materials, to not wasting talents or skills.
It is easy to want what we don't have. It is essential, that we appreciate what we do have. Positively.
Having been a part of the WebAnswers online community, I'd like to say that the AdSense integrated site is a fun and effective way to generate AdSense revenue. By posting questions related to many categories to choose from - and also, by answering questions, your efforts can become ve...
A perspective slant about why some customers may have a vague idea - or no idea, of their payment card balances during check out time.
Dreams - Prompts and Associations: Have you ever experienced reality 'sensory-dream-prompts'? Perhaps, you may also have noticed the related connections.
My experience with yearning to commit to one primary site; however, simultaneously- wanting to explore many.
My experience with the Swag Bucks toolbar makes me think that it raises the bar for all others.
The big-picture is made-up of small details; and everyone of those details, do add-up. Do you (especially) tend to value those details, a lot more than others seem to do? Or - do you see that (perhaps - in your life), the great concern with the small-stuff is sometimes not worth all o...
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