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I'm interested in history, genealogy, book reviews, oddities in all areas of life, and Fact or Fiction? articles. Wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys research, writing and making new friends.
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Recent pages by Lyndy

Based on my own (imaginary) theory of how a rodent and an insect might interact on any given day in the forest, but only when the 17 year cicadas descend.
The death of a young person, in my case a grandchild, is always so tragic. Life goes on and we go on. But some days are easier than others, and on a certain day in June, the heartbreak can be almost too much to bear.
A minor celebrity arrested for multiple offenses leaves viewers shocked and upset over the reality of reality tv
The best part of cold weather is the warm of Spring that follows.
I like deals. I like getting free products and don't mind writing reviews. Here's how I'm enjoying my little hobby.
My life after near-death experience...believe it or not.
Elephants have always been the biggest (no pun intended) draw for me at circuses and zoos. They always seem to be such gentle giants, but appearances can be deceiving.
How this form of art has helped many to cope with stress
Patty Duke was the first celebrity to admit to having mental health issues, a bold move at the time. I suffer from the same illness, and it was Patty, during an interview, who made me feel I wasn't alone.
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