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I've a passion for reading and writing. I love to share my thoughts with the world. Writing poems , health topics, family and relationships are my areas of focus.
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In the 80s and 9Os Michael Jackson had earned the title ‘King of Pop’. He became a global figure. What happened to this legendary artist in later years is food for thought for the rest of the world. Only if somebody had intervened and stopped his addiction to prescription drugs.....
I've always admired people who follow their dreams with conviction. This poem is a tribute to all great warriors who have inspired millions like me.
Hope always takes us to new horizons. It gives reassurance, it inspires us to start afresh after a dark night. So keep hope in your pocket and move on in life!
Religious fanatism is dividing the world. Tremors of terror are being felt across the globe every now and then. Terrorism has embarrassed humanity and there is no justification to ruthless killing of innocent people. Freedom of expression should be respected , its our fundamental righ...
Adversities make or break you. Whatever be the circumstances..always fight it out...never give up!
Mothers are the Angels in our lives. Their love is selfless and unconditional. Their blessings are to be treasured. Happy Mother's day!
God has created this wonderful world with His wisdom. He's omnipresent , He's everywhere. His presence can be felt....look at nature...do you still have doubts?
We're all on a journey...lets take this journey together, enjoy it and appreciate God's creations. He has left no stone unturned to keep us involved and entertained!
Our thoughts can make or break us so lets control them and shape our future! lets dump junk thoughts and empower ourselves with positive thoughts!
Sometimes Gossip Mongers get clean bowled by other people like them.....this is when realization sets in!
Elections are in the air in Delhi. The race is on and everybody is keenly waiting for the post election scenario to unfold....lets peep into the possible outcomes!
We get showered by opinions good and bad. Not to worry...just follow my guidelines to address those opinions!
Parents play such an important role in life. Acknowledge and value their contributions in your life while they're still around and feel blessed in their presence!
An obsessed mind does not listen. It just follows and a vicious compulsive behavior sets in. Lets follow our passions but restrain from obsessions!
A poem that invokes nostalgia and recapitulates the cherished moments of your childhood, we all try to move on but can't help looking back!
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