Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose
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I believe in passionate self connection, and the use of meditation and mindfulness to reach a state of stillness. My writing reflects this journey and the interests I have around this.
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Recent pages by Soul Purpose

A lighthearted look at an alternative to getting to grips with learning Dutch.
How often do I let the experience of the present perfect moment slip away because I am too busy rushing forwards into the future??
Why not think about de-cluttering your brain, rather than buying matching cushions next time you get the urge to redecorate?
Do you really need to get rid of all your negative traits? Is it better to love yourself as you are, rather than constantly try to change yourself.
If you can focus on being the observer whilst meditating this will bring interesting benefits in your daily life too. Why not give it a try??
Do you filter the amount of yourself you give to others depending on whether you like them? How would it feel to be able to give all of yourself?
You don't have to be defined by the events that happen in the world around you. Learning self love and radical self acceptance.
How often do you let layers of rubbish get in the way of you being who you really are? What would it feel like to be authentically yourself?
Is your life so busy that you forget to pay attention to what is going on around you? What would it feel like to be mindful enough to hear nature in it's noisy glory around you?
If we could all listen with empathy, without judgement and with a heart connection, wouldn't this make a difference to the communications we experience?
Do the mirrors around us reflect the images we want to see, or do we get a shock when we realise that our own image of ourself is not how others see us?
When you buy a self help book, what happens to it? Does it get read, or does it languish on the shelf gathering dust?
How many of the earth's resources should we use, and can we make a moral decision about this?
How often do we miss precious moments with our children because we are too busy rushing?
How much can we learn by the silence when someone does not talk to us?
Do the words that we write really make a difference to the people who read them?
Do you buy self help books, read them and not take heed of the information you read? Do you find that despite buying books, your life remains the same? Are your books shelf help books?
If you find yourself feeling frustrated that life is moving too slowly, maybe it helps to remember that there are aspects in life that change so slowly you hardly see them. Does that put frustration into perspective and help learn about patience?
Do you ever get creatively blocked? Maybe the answer is right in front of you, and you are too busy being blocked to notice it?
Ever get writer's block? Here's what I did to get round it when faced with a deadline.
Can you make the best of things, no matter what comes along?
If we are constantly connected to the internet and electronic forms of communication, how much space does that leave us to connect to our heart and to hear the natural wisdom there?
What's the point in de-cluttering our homes if our brains are still busy? Why not decorate from the inside instead, and leave the matching cushions to someone else?
Do you realise how important your job as a parent or educator is?
Is it really necessary to get rid of everything to get back to a blank canvas in order to learn?
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