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I am a mother of four children, two boys and two girls. I am a paperdoll artist and a writer. I have published my first mystery novel, Black Roses and it is online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.. I like to write fiction, poetry, recipes and other stuff.
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This is about writing fiction and adding what we know into the novels. Tips and advice about writing and adding a little bit of real life to it.
Pinterest is going to become the new facebook. It is a very popular and addictive website. Very visual and many women all over the world love it.
Don't let your kids get your password. You could have a catastrophe on your hands. Who knows what they will do.
Yard sale season is almost here and we all want to find lots of good bargains on stuff that we are going to use and that they are wanting to get rid of. We all love a great find!
My Photography Products on Zazzle. A really cool site to create your own store and sell your stuff. Nice and easy and lots of cool products.
Learning how to Write Free Verse. Tips about writing free verse. Things I am learning.
Are We on the Same Page? a free verse poem by Jennifer Jo Fay A poem about relationships and where do we want them to head to. What are your goals?
Caged Bird is a free verse poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. It is a poem about being caged. Sad. A sad love poem.
An article about selling products on your blogs. Tips to get you kick started. And then all you have to do is play the waiting game and learn to promote yourself.
Lovely Pearls is a free verse poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. It is a poem of sadness and a possible break up.
Lonely Empty Box is a free verse poem. It is a sad poem and is about an empty box and how it needs to be filled up.
Hold onto the Dawn a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. A poem of inspiration and about morning's dawn. The special time of day where we wake up to a new day. We all love greeting a new day and making the most of it. Every new day holds promises and hopes for tomorrow. We live in the prese...
A Girl and Her Canoe a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. A poem of sadness. Poems on emotion and death.
Could AuthorHouse be a Scam? Are all these publishing places out to just get our hard earned money? What are we to do, when we know if we don't end up self publishing our work is going to end up in the slush pile.
Container a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. A poem about the boundaries we put ourselves in and how can we break the mold? We don't seem to want to change.
Is Triond selling our writings to publishers? Do they suddenly get the sole rights to our stuff? And it's not ours anymore? Scary.
Charcoal notes a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay Charcoal Notes is a poem about sitting at a campfire crying over a breakup and writing a poem that is hurtful, and venting.
Telephone a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. A poem about the age old game that spreads and changes over time and by the end of the game you have something entirely different than what took place.
An article about blogging, and tips and tricks. It is about anyone who wants to start blogging and earn money doing what we love to do. Wouldn't you love to just quit your day job and start blogging and earning money full time?
Withering Roses a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. A poem about getting writers block and how we over come it. The agony of losing our train of thought.
The Phone Rang and I got writers block. A funny post from my blog. My online notebook for drumming up ideas and thoughts. Good for any writer who needs to get inspired.
Little Black Dress a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay Poem about trying on our little black dress and finding out it shrunk on us. Pain in the neck when things don't fit anymore.
How to NaBloPoMo. Kick start your writing adventure. Write everyday.
How does Love Define you is a poem about the different types of girls and how love defines us.
True Loves Kiss is a poem about true love and what it means to different people. Love poem.
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