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As is the poem line says, my motto of my life is "Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep."
There is no time to sit back and rest awhile, but the time span is just a breathe away.
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Dostoevsky’s love for Pauline - the chaos of his mind. It's the outcome when after i read a famous novel of a famous writer. The novel was so impressive i couldn't help to come up with the feelings of Dostoevsky.
Love is Jesus and Jesus is Love. Lord jesus came to earth to save us from death and sin. he conquered sin in cross for the sake of love for us.
And this is the reply of the mother from heaven to her dearest son...........
Loving Mother in heaven, missing all her lullabies.....
Loving a woman is not touching her body, it's touching her soul.....
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