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Hugo La Rosa
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I am a US citizen living in New York who likes to write short stories and poems. I was born in Peru.

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The life of a dream is happiness; dreams have their own reality. We all want to be happy in a dream. That's their own natural fulfillment.
Some may despise immigrant students, but they have not quite realized how difficult it is to learn a new language such as English in a school setting.
A vote of hope and mercy for those who suffer the pain not only of their illness, but the heartache of abandonment.
Pride is an evil counselor, and many a time when we receive praise, we believe it is only us who deserve it. Our whole being, and especially what we consider praiseworthy, has been harvested from many other fields, from many other examples, and especially from our Creator.
Sometimes, when we don't play by the rules, we can hurt somebody's feelings, just by being unaware.
Reading is a very important skill we must seek by various means to encourage since early childhood
A poem with an invitation to meditate upon the truthfulness of love.
A fictitious story that could happen or could have happened anywhere in this wise world of ours.
A fictitious story that could happen or could have happened in this wise world of ours.
Sometimes women opt for the imitation of worldly manners, which are not bad, when the truth seems to be engaged in the ways of love itself.
We seem to reverberate with hope as we learn to be present and welcome even the first signs of the Spring season.
When love knocks at your door, it's the little things that matter. Otherwise, you'll be setting yourself up to a life of misery and betrayal.
This intends to be a love poem, which I offer as a Valentine this year.
This is the second part of Picture Perfect. This is the moment of decision for Gustave and Ivette.
Who knows the future? Who knows about the inside and outside orchestration of every movement in the hearts of men and women?
Most of the time we don't know enough about people's lives to start gossiping about their lives.
Life is something we misunderstand at first, then something comes along to teach us the value of feelings and gestures
Solitude, most of the time reinvigorates the Spirit and sets us on new perspectives.
All things will perish, except love. As much as we want things to remain they will all become lost by the bends of the river of life.
Houses, like most things, keep a silent memory of their past inhabitants.
A poem about a sad love, I dont know if I dreamed or imagined.
Forgiveness of sins, is not just the provincial duty of priests or churches, but on how we believe and experience life under the tutelage of our parents.
There are moments of sacred like importance which permeate your memory with long lasting ripples. These moments are the golden epiphanies of meaningful, sane and sometimes unsaid words in the presence of the sacredness of love.
Here is good advice in how to go writing a short story. The method is simple and natural. It would even work for you to write a novel, since novels are a collection of "centers" related to the same characters going their way to very integrated resolutions.
A few thoughts on the meaning of life and its relationship to money and prosperity.
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