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I have written few short stories (fictions) and I love writing to the extent where i can't write enough to satisfy myself.
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I am a huge fan of Korean/Japanese dramas and there sre some 'must watch' dramas that I wanted to recommend to everyone who is interested. These are the best you must watch them! I guarantee you’ll enjoy most of them if you are into Asian dramas.
Many people have a misunderstanding of what Buddhism is so in this page I’ve explained what Buddhism is and what Buddhists believe and how to become a Buddhist, how it is different from other religions.
This page contain all the answers to the questions from the short lesson on how to balance chemical equations
Having trouble balancing chemical equations or do you find it hard? this page will help you to balance chemical equations easily. Everyone is welcome to read! You don't have to be a student, you can be a parent who wants to help their child, go through this page and you can help your ...
Have you ever had a moment that you have seen a nice drawing and you wished if you could draw something like that? Then this is for you! Give it a go!
A girl who misses her home, trapped inside a new world where she can’t get out from, only ting she has is the memories of her beautiful life.
Yong Sook a 16 year old boy waiting for the return of his long lost friend with a pain that eats his soul. the soul mates reunite, but is it just friendship? This story resolves around these two boys and their feelings.
Thinking about a way to escape the tiresome daily life? Do you want to relax but explore many things at the same time? Do you like discovering new cultures, tasting new food, trying new things? Then there is a small paradise in southern Asia Full of golden paddy fields, lakes, rivers...
Autumn Hines lives in Korea with her adopted sister. She is a 19 year old kind-hearted, easygoing tomboy. Both of her parents are scientists who live in England. She is a genius but behaves like an idiot, as lazy as a cat but will work till death if it’s for the poor. She has to hid...
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