Priyanka Sarode

Priyanka Sarode
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A philosophical person, thinker. Writing, I believe is one of the purest forms of expression. You're intrigued with an idea, have a dire urge to express and thoughts trickle down to words on paper.
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A thought how we move on in life, experiences and that one should never stop exploring.
The system of reservation though obsolete still exists in India. It's high time we come out of the rut and judge with merit.
The article focuses on the advent of machines and how giving power to machines, developing artificial intelligence is dangerous and can do more harm than good.
This article appeals people to resort to minimalism. Today people are obsessed and constantly crave for materialistic possessions. True happiness lies within and not in external worldly pleasures
This article describes the current obsession of the youth for social media, so much so that the practices have turned fatal. It's high time adults direct and inform the youngsters to seek the right balance.
This article talks about the Indian wedding- a great affair in one's life- a humongous celebration, rituals and customs involved. While there is lot of fun and enjoyment, petty things and wrong mindset ruin the true essence of the occasion.
Voicing the persistent problems India faces, unbelievable but sadly true facts and a call to the youth for change!
Tha page is about the differences that exist in our society. Some are over privileged and some crave for even the basic neccessities. This stark reality can get goose bumps to anyone with minimum sensitivity.
This is a small story I overheard while travelling but it gives great meaning to life.
It's a story of all difiicult and unbearable situations that man faces when he is struck by calamities like terrorism. Even when life seems to end and it seems nothing is going to be as before, there is one thing, one belief that man should never let go-'hope'.
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