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I am working. In my spare time I write poetry and articles.I have written a book for children called, 'Granny's Return From Heaven as an Incredible Car' ,available on websites..
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A poem explaining our bonds to various issues using the shadow as a metaphor
I do meditation and this is a poetic recitation of what I saw.
This is a poem that I wrote in memory of my husband who is no more with me. He died of Cardiac Arrest in June, 2004.
This is a true chapter from my life and happy memories. The area mentiond is Dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh, India, which is my hometown.
A simple meditation technique taught to me by my Reiki teacher as she was taught by her teacher. For those of you who are not into Reiki, imagine Spiritual energy instead of Reiki energy.
My book after 2 years of hard work is finally live for your kids to read and for you to relive your Childhood. This book is available online at many famous web stores including Flipkart,, Google books etc. It has been published by Authorhouse UK.
Many Lives, Many Masters is a true story. It involves a known psychiatrist and his female patient and how he helped her through past life therapy. This entire incident changed both their lives.
The poem tries to answer why we are here, what is our purpose and when do we go to wherever we came from.
Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia has fascinated many. I visited the falls in the 70s. I have many happy childhood memories of Ethiopia and Zambia which I'd like to share here. This is just a start.
The poem is a comparison between the life of a leaf and that of a human being.
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