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Besides every other skill I have, I am a passionate content writer. For as long as I can remember, writing has been my release. It has given me a chance to escape into the worlds I created.
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Having an awesome holiday is not about how much money one has on budget but on which place they will spend their holiday in. Probably, you have visited a particular place only to find that your expectations were not met. This is because you did not take your time to read about what to...
Technology has seen a lot of changes in the way we live nowadays. This improvement runs down to devices that we use to make our day to day deals. As such, the Apple company has a new release- The iphone 5c
They say plans are essential part of human life. That is important to plan ahead because when the schemes are laid in advance even circumstances will fit in. Yeah I had it all planned out, my life, my future.
It was hard to make out what they were saying at first because they spoke in a mix of English, Kiswahili and what I think was Arabic but from what I could make out I knew we were in trouble. “You have invaded our country,” I believe one of them said, “you have raped our women a...
success in placing an ad in the internet has really taken an absolutely different route, however this depends on the keyword density dictating how much a certain ad will rank in major search engines. the Google applications of Ad words and the content network have played a major role ...
Safety is a thing that should be in everybody’s mind nowadays. This does not matter the area of emphasis, but what matters is the security of your loved ones. Be it in the house, at work or maybe while out in the field or in the swimming pools. One of the main efficient ways of ensu...
The world has by now been marked by terrorism, with lives of many people not secure when traveling specifically in definite parts of the globe. However, there can not be anything bad than an individual’s life getting endangered in their own house, by their own people. A major inven...
Taking a family on an outing nowadays is a thing to think twice or even a couple of times....however should you be thinking of where to take your family on an outing, think no more; New York is the destination
It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that working online can be well paying. With just a little skills of using computers and the internet, then everything else falls in to place. You can even do better than you would actually do with a white collar job.
It is high time we took time to evaluate how the environment that we are in affects us, and the one we create how it affects others........
Nowadays the marriage life is not as enjoyably as it used to be during the era of our grands. Men and women have thrown morals as well as marriage vows out through the window and assumed beastly acts where fights and arguments are the order of their married life.
Not unless political leaders in Kenya change their greedy characters, Kenya will remain in the list of developing countries
There are quite a few reasons why people engage in different scales of businesses. there are those who operate large scale enterprises while others run small Medium Sized Enterprises
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