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Deep Thought
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I am a high school student, 18 years old aspiring to be a writer. I write short stories as well as articles on any topic that interests me. I write poetry too. My works focus mostly on fiction.
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Finally have I written something after such a long gap. Exams are over, now I can happily write.This poem is pretty mysterious even to me. I just felt like writing it, so I did.. Hope you all enjoy reading it.
Watching the world when nothing is going your way...
I haven't been able to write anything new (Ah, exams.. The winter of discontent for us students.) So i thought I'd just copy paste a year old poem of mine. Its about time. Hope you all like it.
This is a little poem I wrote a year back. I never really could understand why I wrote it. Hope you all like reading it. And please do share your inferences..
Loving is beautiful. Life is not much complete without love. But as much as love is a happiness, it can sometimes turn out to be a much larger pain to bear.
Being alone on a sunny day at a quiet farmhouse in a beautiful place.. Seems like a lifetime experience. Well, a lifetime experience is what it turned for the little girl who was alone on a sunny day at a farmhouse in a beautiful place, when she heard a loud cackling in her house.. Wh...
"Who Decides My Career?" A question that torments many. And it is not only people who affect the decision making. It could be things as well! But what are those?
This is a short story about a writer who is writing a novel. He refuses to believe in anything interesting or sudden and is sure that everything is a part of a system. But when a thief crashes his house and tries to take him hostage, his view of life is changed as the improbable seems...
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