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I am a crafting, cooking fiend! I love movies, entertainment, and food, and enjoy writing about those subjects. I also have 2 small children and write about my many adventures with them.
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These are some fun exercises that I like to try when warming up my writing brain, or trying to cure a little writer's block.
This new version of meatloaf is simply delicious! Moist, flavourful, and full of healthy fruits and vegetables too. It is my family’s favourite.
Keeping your child entertained during the long summer months can be difficult and expensive. Taking the family to a movie can cost upwards of 60 dollars, not to mention the amusement park, waterslides and various other costly forms of fun and entertainment. Here are cheap or even free...
A few of my favorite homemade, inexpensive cleaning products that are also environmentally friendly.
A list of unusual items you can add to your compost pile.
Review of and their instant movie streaming service.
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