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DK Jordan
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I am a passionate writer and reader. I am a nurse so I will have a healthcare focus at times. I am also a mother of disabled adult children and a grandmother raising grandkids. So, you'll hear about diversity of families and the challenges of blended families. I love to help others get started and continue in writing. Sometimes it's as hard to keep going as it is to start. I also love computers and healthcare applications. So, yeah I'll probably write about that too. I'm excited to be a Wikinut!!
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Proofread, proofread, proofread. Oh yeah, did I say proofread? Little errors can really irritate your reader. Don't let your reader become annoyed and lose interest. Here's some examples of my recent findings and some helpful hints to avoid the no proofread trash bin.
Are you stressed? Yoga may be the answer you are looking for. Peak inside for a glimpse of the pros and cons, the prices, and a few location comparisons in the Indianapolis area. I'm sure there are studios like these near you! Welcome to yoga as an alternative stress management stra...
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