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17 and average there is nothign special about me or what I do.

I have these needs to express whatever I am feeling in words and I am glad I am freely able to. :)
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A poem written about Tyranny and a suppressed nation. How the people that feared and cowered once in the wake of his rule, Rise against him only to find a man so despicable and weak. With no supporters, deserted by god and everything he ruled over. It's more of a story said through ...
A poem about beauty of life, Intermingles with the Beauty of nature. Some of life's pain and anger express through mother nature. :)
A poem about Love inspired just out of simple feeling and the truth about it in life.
A poem about, A man struggling through a phase of Love, Where he cannot read the emotions of the woman he has fallen for and he fears he conveyance of his love for her might ruin what they already have, his anxiety and his pain that he must bear, when he feels her slipping away.
This Poem, is from the heart of a Person who cannot bear to someone who he/she loves go away from them. it is full of emotions :)
The solstice is a Poem about the Emotions of a person, How he battles with them, What affects those emotions and what causes them to stop.
This is a poem I wrote for a friend, She's a very very close friend of mine and she means the world to me. She has been with me through alot :)
Sometimes, when something happens to you and you ponder upon it for to long, You tend to get overcomed by those thoughts and what a better way to let them out ? :)
A poem about Panic and Blunder just coming out through plain words.
A random piece of poetry which came out with my mood and how I was feeling at the time. Influenced by many happenings in the previous days.
In this poem I write about the feeling of Martyr's and the struggle of a trapped nation and how these people give up everything for their country.
A poem about, the mysteries in ones life. What a person is going through and what he feels when he wakes up each day.
This is a Poem about the Moments that sometimes pass us by, Important moments that we miss and we ponder about what would have happened if we had been there to witness them.
A poem describing soldiers through a mix of words, and emotions people experience when they think about them.
A poem about finding the slightest hope in a time filled with misery, and rising towards it.
A poem about breaking free of earthly bonds and rising to the heavens.
A poem about how betrayal feels like in a very simple manner.
This is more of a song than a poem but it is written in the same way. It is about a person (leader, justice seeker) telling others to follow him into the path of truth, of justice and of freedom.
Another poem about freedom and the struggle to achieve it.
Another one of my Poems, Just written randomly during school, You really cant help when your heart decides to start describing how its feeling at given time. :P This one is a relatively simple poem, About how hopes and dreams may seem hard to achieve but can be easily grasped with the...
This is another poem by me, I do not what to provide any fixed description cause this is a poem which can interpreted in many, many ways. :)
A poem on 2 Conflicting and opposite topics, yet it defined how well they go together, How they are so similar yet so different.
Love - My latest poem. This poem talks about Love as a feeling and its importance in our loves. How it affects us and where it resides within us.
This poem that I have written deals with what People go through when they are in love with a Very Close friend of theirs, How they want to express what the feel to that person but are Not able to due to the fear of arising Complications and ending the friendship they already have.
This is a Poem Written by my describing what A Person experiences, His regrets and His Happy moments that he sees when His life is almost at its end.
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