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My name Rhonda, I'm no stranger to hard work having devoted 35 years as simple laborer in a wide range of jobs. From these experiences I have a lot to write about which has always been my passion.
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What is the one thing in life you cannot live without. We all have our vises in life that we must have or we would go crazy. What is your one thing you will not live without?
The United States military in South Korea stated that it will continue a curfew for service members in S. Korea until further notice in an effort to provide ongoing mission readiness.
Are you a Star Gazer do you love watching the night sky, then you will love the first meteor show of 2012. What a spectacular way to start off a new year.
Explains what some of December 21, 2012 means and a few tips to prepare in case we have a disaster on that day.
About human translation and how it works when needing a human translator.
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