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An ambivert person who is lost in Alice's wonderland trying to find her mad hatter, white rabbit and herself... :)
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The forsaken butterfly now have done a crime and so has found a place to hide the casket carrying a life away.
This is a poem written on a girl I know for quite a time. She is a mystery to almost everyone. And here I would like to thanks to someone who helped me out in completing this poem on her.
A short poem about her choosing life in every single instance of eternity.
A dance of a mad girl with the love of her life as she thought.
A girl, A prince. Another Cinderella story without the evil mother or evil sister. Just the two of them.
She was the one who loved black, the night, the Satan, But I dint knew for years. And I still don't know.
A short light poem seeking answers of life, humankind and the dilemma within human.
An erratic story of a boy and a girl... who finds their way in a world of love which is pure and untamed of the devious things.
A day in hot summer where they both try to stick together each day and try to make others happy before their own comfort and wishes.
A common problem of fear of attachment, fear of losing, fear of commitment, fear of what not.
Yet today she stands tall breathing calmly. And the world thought the other way around.
A poem for a girl next door yet not common. Poem on a girl who fights her way out of the angels into a world of demons to prove demons are not wrong.
A poem for a guy who fell in love with two different girls with different personalities.
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