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Tara Tandon
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Wikinut is an experiment for me with variations in tone and subject matter. I just want to understand what people who come here like to read, so I'm trying lots of different things.
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The mountainous “Land of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico hosts thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, an innumerable variety of aquatic, wild, and plant life, and lush tropical rainforest. Whether you like to hike, kayak, swim, bike, or study wildlife, many opportunities welcome you....
Some credit agencies use social media to determine if someone is credit worthy, but its not entirely a bad thing. The information that you post on sites such as Facebook and Twitter may be used for or against you. If you are aware of your online identity you can promote yourself and l...
It's important to take the time to become familiar with the factors that will help you select the best boat trailer. By making the right choice, you are protecting your investment in the boat, and ensuring safety for yourself and others on the road. With the right boat trailer, you c...
Phlebotomy is a sensible and practical field to enter. With many flexible options for study and a relatively short time to complete certification, it can be a secure option for many.
This is an account of everyday material scenery I experienced when walking through Vrindavan, a pilgrimage place about 3 hours from Delhi, the place where Lord Krishna was a child. This special place is dense with spiritual reality. People generally believe in all being the will of L...
Tooth erosion appears mostly in children and unlike the complex and varying factors contributing to tooth decay, tooth erosion has a primary cause, acidic and sugary drinks.
In Adrienne Rich's life and writing, we can trace a mini history of women in the 20th century. Her writing clarified the need for women to define themselves on their own terms.
The Narmada river could be the oldest river on earth. Rocks from the Precambrian and Paleozoic ages are found in a valley that she flows through. According to her devotees, she is a mother goddess who provides for them materially and spiritually; the giver of immortal bliss.
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