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I am not tired to learn. I appreciate what God has given me. I'm contented.^_^
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This is my report in my college years. I want to share my study to help people with these diseases and also for their family for them to understand their loved ones.
Through ages mankind consumed this food. It is very familiar because many were addicted by its luscious,savory taste that melts in your mouth. If you don't know what it is, then be surprised that you've already eaten the 'Food of the Gods'.
Like a plant, a friend needs all the proper treatments for them to grow, to be mature, to be strong and to radiate their innermost beauty.
Love. It is a priceless word. Some own it. Some give it away. Some steal it. Some beg for it. And someā€¦die for it. For me? Love must be unconditional. It must be given without expecting anything in return. It is giving a part of yourself for you to understand the true meaning of l...
"Our life is gift. Our body is a Holy temple that must not be stained by any sin. Aside from that, let us appreciate what God have given us.Let us not blame God for all the imperfections we have. Rather, let's thank Him! For these imperfections made us unique."
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