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Phoenix Montoya
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Phoenix is a drug trader and a small time computer service entrepreneur. She enjoys writing about medicine, animals, music, current issues and other stuff. She is also a fan of creative writing.
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‘An imperfect soul of a perfect friend’, this poem was inspired by a guardian angel of mine.
Changes happen but some things will always be the same.
PRN or pro re nata is a latin terminology, meaning ‘take the medicine as needed’. Doctors usually write this direction for some particular drugs. But what does PRN really mean?
Asthma can kill. Six years ago a man died because of negligence. A doctor was accounted for such action but it was never his fault. This is an incident considering the importance of every minute in a man’s life. Time is precious, waste not.
Claritin is highly recommended by most medical experts because it is said to be non-drowsy and safer. However, other manufacturers of other loratadine generics and equivalent brands mention sedation as one of its side-effects. So, is Claritin really non-drowsy as it claims?
Some people get fired because of sleeping while on duty. Fortunately, not all can suffer the same penalty.
These are poems written out of wickedness. Fortunately, two are fictional tales. One is an unspoken secret.
Popular antacids as the Aluminum-magnesium combination (Maalox), Calcium carbonate (Tums) and the others maybe the weakest drug for hyperacidity but they have their own warnings too. Read on.
Buclizine, lysine, pizotifen and dibencozide are common appetite enhancers. Here are some info, precautions, side-effects, drug interactions and the common brand names.
As we find ways to go through life inconveniences.
Citronella shampoos are becoming recognized for lice treatment nowadays. But, do they work? This is a product review about Lyecare – a citronella medicated lice shampoo.
These are imperfect sonnets, trying to at least resemble, the ‘Shakespearean sonnet’ pattern, a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g. Sonnets 016, 012 and 035 are imperfect sonnets that describes a perfect love in three different ways.
Every novelist, even an ex-wannabe novelist like me has a first love. For me it was Derek, a Moerian warrior king, protector of the weak and a charming lover. Unfortunately, he wasn’t for me. Derek was for my heroine creation, princess Alecsandra of Moeris.
Job seekers produce credentials during application for work, don’t you think employers should too?
Mosegor has been known as an appetite stimulant. Interestingly, as a pizotifen, it can also be indicated for migraine headaches.
One advantage of a capsule dosage form is its fast relief. But, in the case of ibuprofen, can a capsule form of this medicine be advisable for use? These are facts about ibuprofen as a capsule type - its efficacy and safety. Read on.
These are facts and some revelations about generic medications.
Is the salary not enough? Are you having problems with your boss or a colleague? You are fed up with the company's regulations?!
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