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currently a college student majoring in BA English.
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She was cute. Her face was chubby and mucus was dripping down her nose in a gross yet endearing way.
Depression may occur to a person if he or she has experienced a sad and traumatic event in their lives
Writing is a form of expression through text, letters and symbols. Writing is not as hard as others may think. If you're writing about stuff you really care about things will go smoothly
Alcohol addiction is a very lethal thing and it is hard to convince someone to quit.
Though camping may be a fun and beneficial activity, it can also be dangerous.
The thing you should know about nicotine is it’s a stimulant and stimulants are a form of drugs
One definition of an essay describes it as a composition that focuses on a main topic.
The word “Fairy” literally means “to enchant” while “tale” is loosely translated as “a traditional story.” The telling of fairy tales started way back thousands of years before and they were spoken or shared orally before people discovered the concept of writing
Family life is a fulfilling yet complicated adventure for everyone. And it certainly has it's ups and downs...
Homeschooling your kids may seem like a great option however there is more to it than it may seem...
Teenage pregnancy has been one of the most fatal social issues society has been dealing with. It is an occurrence where a woman in her teens has gotten herself pregnant without planning for it or without expecting it.
Losing and misplacing our things, whether they are important or not, can be very frustrating...
in the middle of the night a first time dad takes the opportunity to engage in a very interesting conversation. Being a dad, specially for the first time, is a scary yet exciting experience, and this particular daddy have a lot to say...
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