Fire Diamond Light

Fire Diamond Light
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I am the awakening one by the 11:11 phenomenon! And I am ready to ascend to the higher dimension....the New Earth right here right NOW!
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Too many here have been mind control within this hologram for eons of time....
And... I am faith... I have faith... I overcome... the greatest good come to me Now!
You mention Infinite spirals of creation, so our soul never end, that's why the incarnation is so significant to us!
It is really amazing that the galaxy is actually carry ours (human) imagination & creative mind. what is happening is so unrealistic but at the same time is so real to me!! i have once said "what can be imagined, can become real" and this is also written in my website.
As for you not being a divine being - well you have much to learn about that. Because if you are not, then I am not. And that leads to what is known as confusion and misinformation. You are indeed a divine being, you are from the heart of the Creators, just as I am.
When nobody love me yet ...I want to deep in love with you ... Perhaps someone else is loving me...I still deep in love with you
you don't know what you want... or you don't want to know... or what you don't know is what you want... or you only want to know what you don't know
On the 8th Dec 2010 suddenly i got lay off , then suddenly i get in touch with all though informations about 2012 (about the TRUTH)
E.T. might assist us and to teach us new tech and clean energies but we humanity still need to create our own heaven on earth! We humans need to come together AS ONE co-create our new world!
Since i feel something powerful than i am.... like working behind the scene/seen of my fate.... so i already hand over my destiny to my father GOD SOURCE...JUST LET IT BE!!
So here i am...i have let go of everything....i gave my hand to the Divine....and my wills are the divine wills!!
To live is to feel, at the moment I feel like to disappear again!
Stop searching through endless places on only to find ... the relationship which does not work
Sometimes, I really think I have made my fate happened in this way, a tragedy and dramatic way!
Deep down I never do give a damn what other people think of me, but somehow I still worried like hell about it. I believe to live is to feel.
This just come to my mind when I am socialising on Facebook today 14/03/2012.
Without him my life fall into pieces, I don't know how to solve any problems that bother me, I can't think clearly, I can't focus on what I really want to do....
If I could able to focus on only one thing which I want to do, will I be successful by now? Is my mind too complicated or thinking too much?
This is a Poem from my Awakening & Enlightenment of Ascension to the 5th Dimension New Earth! It is also my love & light song <3 :)
I try not to recall my past but at the same time I keep on forgetting the present.
All trouble I had when I was a kid are all related to the gap between me and the relationship of others.
Someone told me, if you want your wish or dream come true or be successful you just need to write them down on a piece of paper or use drawing to interpre it.
Clearly i am the one who only want to escape from freedom and set myself free from the reality within the reality.
"Nothing left to do, waiting for miracle to come" a line from a song, I just like this idea if there is miracle, I want it to be myself.
But when you think of death is the best kind of release; when you realized death is not as horrify as the sadness that your families and friends become because of your leaving. What other things you will scare or care!
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