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I have many things that interest me.
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Recent pages by Sdenis

How I can make Mycelium,what is Mycelium?It is very easy actually.
How to grow your own Oyster mushrooms. Well that depends on how much you want to grow. In small amount that is so easy that you can believe. And in case you want to have big business it take lots of money and energy. And I would say luck.
From where is idea for such design?Is this helicopter or air plane?
Short review of newest movie "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise. GOOD! GOOD! I won't say GREAT because it always can be better :-) Yes Tom You can do better :-)
Is new artwork from Hollywood or just another movie with zombies?
I continue to review my favorite apps for smart phones and tablets.
Everything about water.Is healthy or not?And if its not healthy,why not.How can we make it healthy.
Vacations,holidays,...where to go and why do we wait so much on it.
I want share experience with my favorite Android applications.
Have Zeppelins future or are they things of past?
I want share experience with my favorite Android apps.
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