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I used to love to write poetry but haven't done it in a while. Working on a novel is my current project but that I keep secret until it's finished.
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Memories of a brief and breathtaking romance from a long, long time ago.
A true tale of a love so strong and disturbing that it almost caused a mans death.
With a relative recently in a car crash I found out just how incompetent local hospital staff could be.
A poem of love once so strong, that in the blink of an eye turned to dust. My way of pulling through a heartache that seemed to destroy my entire world and spirit.
Just an idea for a novel, this is just the first few paragraphs. I just want to know what people think so far. The title is still up for consideration but I used this one just to post it.
An amazing little toy that has kept me entertained for hours on end and at a great price. There are so many great things to do with this little black and purple box it amazes me!
Tips and tricks that will help you stay healthy while keeping your home immaculate.
Insights on the never ending war in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, will it ever end or is it the end of a once beautiful and vivacious tourist town?
My views on the mother who has killed her two children for as she said "mouthing off" to her.
A few simple things to look for when times are hard in a relationship.
Just a tid bit about the new Charlie Sheen book about to come out that in his mind will raise $10 million, who knows maybe someone will be crazy as he is.
A story so unbelievable that it has to be true. Everyone knows a place in their town that is haunted and this is one that my relatives found to be very true and horrific.
Some really amazing ways to cure those aching and cracked feet without busting your budget or going to tons of doctors.
Up and coming fashion designer has now found a way to wear fur and be guilt free, or so he thinks.
An amazing little piece of history from my great grandmother. She was the most amazing woman I have ever known and will be forever remembered. She was a healer, a singer, a mother, a nurse, a doctor and most of all family.
My experience of going through a divorce and how I was able to get past it.
Amazing sites that you can make real money on without having to invest any of your own.
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