Lori St. Kitts

Lori St. Kitts
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Lori is an entrepreneur, aspiring anthropologist, traveler, homemaker and foodphile. She feels passionately that living and eating well is a right, not a privilege regardless of income or location.
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Just like using bones and scraps to make homemade stocks, poultry parts such as the heart, liver, gizzards and neck bones, can be used in a multitude of ways to add value to your roaster.
The biggest way to save money on your grocery budget is to minimize waste. The more you are able to diversify the use of your assets, the more valuable and less costly your grocery investment.
With a little forethought and preparation, meal times can be an effortless, educational, delicious and healthy part of your homeschool day together.
The egg is truly the unsung hero of the kitchen, changing its persona in a plethora of ways to suit the cook and dining event.
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