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Readers all over the world – particularly Europe – know him as Valentinno, the best-selling author of the book A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth

-Lisa A. Fraser
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An article written about the poetry Valentinno's scribed for Queen Elizabeth II
Here is a list of the top 20 radio shows so you can start your own radio tour and boost your book sales.
These are some directories that will list your eBook on their site for free, giving you yet another outlet for potential sales
Book signing for the American Cancer Association to fight against breast cancer
Having positive reviews on your Web-site,, and your product page will absolutely help you sell books. Remember book reviews are a major part of marketing your book.
This is a piece in combination of nature and romantic love.
This prose poem is about a muse who was the perfect picture of unexampled beauty.
This is a prose poem with a touch of romance and spirituality in the mix.
O’ Heaven’s Patroness, how your bright eyes spangle the stars with such beauty,
Valentinno’s collection of poems brilliantly captures the whimsical sensation of falling in love Reviewed by actor, William Demeo, The Sopranos
Best-Selling Author Valentinno Scheduled 2012 Book Tour at Trump World Towers!
Synopsis, purchase details, excerpt, cover art for the best-selling book A Romantic's Passion The Tenth Muse.
Book review for a Romantic's Passion by The American Author's Association
Night! O' sweet, black deep night, take the pale face moon where it is looked upon, at that first flourishing site, love,
I write to you this letter below the yielding immortal heavens, to commend my vows, and pledge my love to your noble heart, and all its glorious titles.
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