Kathleen H.Arrington

Kathleen H.Arrington
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Hi! Im a native Texan! Borna nd raised. I have two beautiful grandchildren, Two great kids and a beautiful daughter in law I love dearly. I have a good dog too. He is so in my heart! Little Edgar Lee! What else can you ask for! LOL. I'm currently living in Crosby Texas, helping my Dad who is now battling colon cancer and needs someone around. .
I have learned to purposely slow down and smell roses whenever possible. I walk with some beautiful Angels on my shoulders and appreciate memories like never before. I hope to travel more in the future because that is my true passion at this point and time in my life. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry If you are on my page dont forget to say hey! Toodles. Kat
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One day I was just sitting feeling sorry for myself and the path my life had taken and this was just some random thoughts that left my mind. Sometimes we think our lives are the worst; but ,all we need to do is look around and sometimes we just haven't noticed there are others in wors...
This poem is about one of my favorite historical figures of the Old West. Her name is Mary Katherine Horony better known in most stories of the wild west as "Big Nose Kate." She was born in an aristocratic family. Her parents died when she was in her early teens. not likeing her...
This is a short funny poem about my eight year old dachsund named Edgar Lee. As empty nesters, he was a Valentine's gift to me by my late husband back in 2003. No other dog in my life has posessed the character he has. We have been through thick and thin together.
This is a story of a coon hunt that was told to me by my Dad that he remembered as a kid. He was recounting East Texas boyhood memories and I turned it in to a poem for him.
This poem was written as I was greiving for my husband who passed away a few years ago. We were soulmates and I experienced the "goodby dream" as some call it. Like when a loved one has passed and they come to a person in a dream llike state. It was such a wonderful dream. I could not...
One day I was thumbing through a travel magazine and saw an advertisement for ski country. I started missing the times we would trip out to colorado and ski for a few days. I love Colorado and the resorts for skiing.
This poem was written after the last presidential election. There was so much emotion during the time prior to the election and after. I felt that this was a time that hope for a world we live in had finally come to a point where prejudices would be put away and people could truely co...
A Vacation road trip lead me in to Sedona Arizona this year to show my family the beauty of the red rocks and the aura of the town,
This poem was written one evening as I was driving home before dusk and the clouds were lined up perfectly in front of the sun that made those beautiful rays outline them in a way that it reminded me of a huge doorway in to heaven. It made me want to just reach up and pull them back l...
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