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Empress K
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idealistic.... who happens to love everything about the world.

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The play was held in our school and it turns out to be the talk in the campus for almost a whole month already. The story follows the funny life of a nun, Sister Miriam.
The journalist is covering up the story of an ex-convict where in the later part, the journalist turns to be the child of the murdered couple of the ex-convict.
We are making our own miracles as long as we believe.
Women still suffers the issue of gender inequality. The movie "Stoning of Soraya M." shows how woman was mistreated by men.
There are a lot of films that changes one's perspective on somethings...
People are sometimes mistaken of their idea about carbohydrates, but it is not bad as others think it would be. In fact, it is a string of life.
People usually dig deeper just to find answers on their problems that they forget how simple the answers would be, and it is God.
Be enchanted of the beauty the river of hinatuan brings.
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