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Retired shop proprietor. I have a lovely close by family. I enjoy walking/gardening/motoring & writing short stories and comedy.
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Everyone is searching for happiness, but to find it is another story!
Togetherness surely out-weighs loneliness. As one gets older the opportunities become slimmer.
If, in your twilight years true love presents you with another chance............Take it! Love it! Enjoy it!
The older you are the harder it is to find happiness
If you see a valued friend in the distance, a wave of the hand may be more in keeping. Please don’t shout or your teeth could be in doubt!
This wonderful annual event gets better and better each year!
If you scan these few words in the morning, it may just give your day a lift!
The spice of life is what you make it. Opportunity is the golden egg!
What a fantastic day, what a wonderful family get together.
What a huge surprise when the grand kids arrived, she knew then it was all worth while.
Edna was beginning to reap the rewards of her labours and of course the money she had spent.
Getting things done, keeps the mind occupied and the body in check.
Still enjoying the early days, but the future looks brighter and brighter!
Ruth soon became aware of the wonderful difference this enterprise had made to Edna’s life.
The tragic loss she had suffered was easing more and more, but the treasured loving memories still remained.
The unknown passage through life. Celebrate the life you’ve enjoyed!
Just a short glimpse of the lighter side of life, it could make your day, I really hope it does!
I trust that you maybe sampling strawberries at teatime, if you do, don’t forget the Ice cream!!!
Shelve your worries for a little while and take a look at the lighter side of life
I hope my short story will make you smile! Even take you that extra mile!
Take a look at the lighter side of life, it might just ease those winter blues!
A wonderful, fairytale panoramic ride. What more could they have wished for................?
The aroma of the barbecued food soon polluted the air with a feverish and addictive smell.
The enterprising party prepare to eat. Alfresco style.
Lovely journey, super scenery. Reached first stop and the sun began to shine.
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