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Claerwyn Anwylaeth
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Let there be purple in your life, love in your heart and a tea kettle in your house. May the road rise to meet you and the path run downwards all the way to your door. Blessed be; and enjoy my writing's :)
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A quick insight into my life over the past year, as I've been away from wikinut.
Personal experiences of my life. Please, if you wish to judge... go elsewhere.
A letter for a mother. mum. mummy. Whatever she's called. She's still the parent, despite all the pain... But are we really ever always here? Is she really always there?
I'm a young adult... But some people my age need to act their proper age, and not their shoe size! (Does contain swears :\)
Essentially this was written after a very nasty break up with a friend. She cut me out of her life, for what I felt wasn't necessary. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. She was the Ice Queen - that's a fact though.
This is a QCS practice writing task. You are given a stimulus sheet which has different images and quotations all revolving around a central concept; in this case, Time was the central concept to be developed. This is a personal reflection upon how short time for us is, and how we sho...
Short story adaptation of the movie 'Australia'. It covers a gap within the movie; more specifically why Neil Fletcher is so cruel to Daisy, Nullah and the Aborigines in general.
I broke up with my boyfriend today; but I strongly believe it's for the best. Just a couple of lines I've written to express my feelings.
Where I'm at in life. It's not exactly hard being a teenager, but being so new to the world ,it's a bit crazy trying to adjust to everything.
Another review of the movie 'Spirited Away'. Sorry about the technical jargon, this was written as an English Extension assignment. Enjoy!
This is a review for the graphic novel 'Maus' written according to Queensland Year 12 English Extension syllabus. It was a great novel!
Just a little Claery rant ^-^ - how I feel upon some very important issues surrounding young women today. Expletives are present within this text x.
I am but gone with the wind; who knows where I will be blown next? This piece is rather short, but is quite succinct in portraying a way in which I perceive myself and in parts, the world.
A little story detailing a love of my life ~ it's written indirectly, but you will probably be able to figure it out before you finish ^.^
Don't fall for your best friend, it sucks, despite being incredibly beautiful. Also, this is linked to Callie's Call. Hope you like it! Be aware; it is but a fine line between pleasure and pain. also, there's expletives. Yes, I know. Naughty!
Another short story :) This time with a bit of an obsessive theme :D "Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May..." Perhaps that sonnet inspired me. Also, Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita . Points and love to the person who may quote that sonnet's name WITHOUT googling the quot...
Well this sprouted from... actually, I can't decide if I've written myself and a person I love dearly into this, or it's come from other sources of information. It's v. long, and it's also linked to another short story of mine; First Sight. I've chosen to publish them in this order be...
Essentially, this is a dramatic monologue based upon the character Mayella Ewell from To Kill A Mockingbird. It's got crook grammar and spelling, however that has been implemented for character authenticity. It gives a voice to Mayella, who within the novel is shown only from one dime...
A writing task for school that invited us to make an "unconventional" narrative. While my ending appears "definite", the certain ambiguity; was she dragged or did she fall?
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