Jo Dudley

Jo Dudley
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Im a 30 something, female from the West Midlands, who's had a career change
My areas of writing will be mainly on life and my hobbies
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A introduction of my Nephew, who im a 1st time Auntie to.
Lots of things have been happening hence not being blogging for a few weeks
Popped into a video games shop called Gamestation, and this is what happened while i was in there
I've actually won a top prize at a fairground which was at the German Market in Birmimgham
A blog of my Nan who suffered a stroke at the age of 93, who has made a great recovery and is now back to her old self of telling us what to do and how to do it !
A review of the German Market thats in Birmingham
Had a interview for a education based job, which went well until the end Everyone who's looking for work within their chosen profession may of had this problem arise .
Brief description of what's happend to me whilst I'm on my quest to finding employment There will be other pages written on Wikinut about what's happening to me and you may be able to relate to what's happened to me as I'm sure the problems I'm facing is happening to everyone Feel...
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