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I am a working student. I focus more on life problems and where else my mind wanders.
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There are times, when we would just stop and think how hard life is.. Think if there is really someone watching and guiding us from above, times when we lose our faith..
Evolution of teens. What year were you born? How were your teenage years? Check this out!
Have you tried Filipino food? Had someone ever tell you how delicious our delicacies are? This recipe is one of the homemade recipe our family has.. I would like to share it to you..
This man from Philippines, inspired the social media. His photo went out on social media and inspired many of us.. Thinking that even though he has no hands, he still works in the busy streets.. I hope his picture reaches the government so they would feel guilty of themselves!
Working and studying at the same time? Know the do's and don'ts that you need to do. Shrug that stress a way and invite a more fun way working and studying!
Have you ever loved someone who made you do things you didn't even imagine you'd do in a lifetime? Someone who can make you very happy but in a split second, can make you feel the saddest person on Earth?
We all know that special time of year when our savior, Jesus Christ was born.. That festive moment we all celebrate.
Appreciate what you have, some people might be needing them more than you. :)
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