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from Coimbatore, worked as a Zonal Sales Manager for a Pharma company. At present earns as a Freelance Trainer for Pharma companies.
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DO IT YOURSELF IS A buzz word now to reduce the actual cost of something you want in your home. with littile improvisation and some good thinking one can reduce the actual cost of owning a screen for the projector.
General tendency is to run away when ever there is a chance to meet a Life Insurance Agent down the road, or to shut the door when an agent makes a house call. A positive look about insurance.
Most of the time, the sanitation worker is addressed by the variants of garbage in the local language. See the difference when people respect them also as fellow human beings when they are given little more care and concern, just calling them by their names, not 'names'.
Having a valid credit card with you is good. But to ensure that they are protected in the right way is more important.
A convenient and simple way to increase your returns on investments. Open an Recurring Deposit for the amount and period you wish to invest in.
Some movies that you watch will be always remembered by you with a thrill. Time will not take away the thrill and the sense of elation when you think about them even after years.
Book shelves are a good investment to keep the books safely away from heat and dust. A look at the various types of such shelves available to choose from.
Credit cards are very useful when you are in a situation to purchase something online and pay later. The also alleviates the necessity to carry cash with you on your travels.
More and more people are investing on gym equipments or taking membership in gymnasiums when they can lose weight and keep fit by taking up Walking
Driving with a traffic sense is the basic necessity to avoid accidents. But either due to ignorance or not willing to follow the same makes it a nightmare in driving in Indian roads,
Using less plastic must have rubbed on us, almost a decade back. Now as the menace is looming over our head, here is a peep at what an individual can do to the society.
There is more to life after retirement than just reading paper and dozing in the easy-chair. A pet can make you engaged, but at the same time give you happiness.
Golf though reckoned as the sport of the 'elite', in the recent past more and more people are taking up this as their favorite sport. Some basic facts that will help you for a better tee-off.
A little planning and attention can help in transporting your belongings safely when you have to relocate yourself. tips that are simple but at the same time very useful.
More than packing what you need during the journey and immediately after the arrival, suitcases are also stylish nowadays that reflect the taste of the owner. A brief look at various type of your 'Luggage'
Internet traffic has an important role to play for those who is desirous of making a sale through online business. The right key word and LSI ensures a better conversion as well.
an article about how effectively home money management works for a working couple with some simple tips and planning.
Whether a person should continue to live in the same city even after retirement? Moving out to home town for more peace, less din and little serenity is a natural feeling.
how a first watch bought during early part of the career becomes an inseparable despite having a variety to choose from. Love for the first watch is still strong.
A cat is different from other pets and adored by most in the family. over a period of time they became part of the family, though their offspring would have arrived.
Backyard picnic is an ideal and money saving alternative for having a camping picnic or a tourist spot in a far-off place. More over it also allows improvisations which is not possible in the regular picnics with that ease.
A pet can make the humdrum of old age lively. Even the thought is enough to kindle the memoirs to give you enough warmth in the old age where the husband and wife are dependent more than ever in life.
What are the occasions when you resolve to express patience and occasions when you will get annoyed, still keep your calm. When you will just express your feelings and literally fly off the handle?
when used in the right way, social media's can be used to give lot of help and support to the society. At the same time a few crooks are using the same for their own way to tarnish the image of the same.
this is a satirical look of how working from can be far from peace and leisurely way. Or how one work out well from home despite those 'distracting' impedance's.
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