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Freelance writer of articles, product descriptions and stories.
Author of Waiting for Silverbird, Voice of an Angel, Lily, Kitten Diaries and Debbie.
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Tips for writing a eulogy. What to say and what not to include.
In a time where PeTA has created awareness for animal rights and animal cruelty, the Canadian company Canada Goose has come out with a jackets made of real geese feathers and real coyote fur. I have started a protest campaign against these jackets.
The world has turned into an anti-smoking campaign, but drinking alcohol and eating junk food seems to be quite acceptable. Why does nobody pick on the drunks and the over eaters?
Every year we wish each other a happy New Year, but for how many is it truly a happy year? People die, people get sick, accidents happen, jobs are lost and every days brings new experiences. What will 2011 be like?
Having skated some thirteen years ago on a regular basis, I assumed that ice skating would be just like riding a bike. I was so mistaken.
Once again helpless animals have to die in the name of fashion. Canada Goose jackets are being made of goose feathers and are trimmed with coyote fur. Are you prepared to have blood on your hands in the name of fashion?
In Toronto the TTC is called 'The better way'. But is it? Even on a good day, public transportation is a pain, but on a bad day it's hell on wheels.
One should be cautious when decorating a Christmas tree. The risk of fire is not the only danger, kids and pets are at risk too.
Donating hair to cancer patients may seem like a good idea, but would you feel the same if you knew that Locks of Love is a scam?
To avoid the Christmas rush you might have to think outside the box. There are numerous options to avoid the big crowds at the mall.
Which is worse? The heat of summer or the cold of winter?
Fake falcons are meant to scare pigeons, but in Toronto these fake birds might just become the laughing stock of the bird world.
They say you have to be in it to win it, but how long? I have been in it for years and never won anything more than a free ticket or $10.
One of my pet peeves is sniffing. It drives me nuts. Until today I just suffered in silence, but no more, from now on I'm on the war path where sniffers are concerned.
Why do so many people look down on pigeons? What makes an eagle or a falcon so much better than a pigeon?
How many people spare a thought for the turkey who gave its life for their Thanksgiving meal?
What would happen if a man were to ask a woman to see one of her breasts? She might get upset, yet where it comes to breastfeeding it's all systems go, no matter who is looking.
When shopping for Halloween decorations, the dollar store sometimes is the best option.
People have no problem spending a small fortune on clothes, shoes and jewelry, yet seem to have no money left for tissues.
Some pregnant women demand that others respect them. I disagree with that. Pregnancy is not an illness.
They say that the housing market is down, that this is a buyers market. But if a potential buyer is on a budget, there really aren't that many opportunities.
Who can blame a man if he sneaks a peek at woman's assets, when she puts those assets on display?
They say that looks are not important and that honesty gets you further than deceit, but that is not always the case.
Cats can turn into little tigers. At the vet they are ever so well behaved, but at home it`s not quite the same thing.
Be sure to have an up to date photo in your passport. One day, you may need it.
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